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Scientific American

Jellyfish Caught Snoozing Give Clues to Origin of Sleep
Scientific American
The purpose and evolutionary origins of sleep are among the biggest mysteries in neuroscience. Every complex animal, from the humblest fruit fly to the largest blue whale, sleeps—yet scientists can't explain why any organism would leave itself ...
Brainless jellyfish could reveal why we sleep - The Washington PostWashington Post
Even Jellyfish SleepThe Atlantic
Do All Animals Sleep? Brainless Jellyfish Still Need Rest, Study FindsNewsweek
New York Times -Science Magazine -Caltech
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How to use tech to get a good night's rest and improve your sleep
Most of us know about “circadian rhythms” and the “sleep cycle.” We have a basic idea of REM, and know it's not best to wake up during a “deep sleep.” But all of this was academic. It's not like you can watch yourself sleep. Alarm clocks have always ...

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Strange but true: Sleep deprivation can help depression. Penn scientists want to know why
Scientists have been studying sleep deprivation and depression ever since. A University of Pennsylvania research team has brought the data up to the present with a new meta-analysis — a study that pools data from other people's studies — of the last ...
Sleep deprivation might be the antidote for depression | New York PostNew York Post
The scientific reason why sleep deprivation *might* make you happierWell+Good
Sleep deprivation could temporarily CURE depression for half of patients, surprising study findsDaily Mail
Monthly Prescribing Reference (registration) -The Sun -New Atlas
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White noise, pillow inflator and other tech to help you sleep better
More than a third of Americans say they don't get the recommended seven hours or more of sleep per night, and more than 12,000 TODAY viewers responded to an online quiz about sleep. As Savannah Guthrie reveals the results, sleep expert Dr. Rebecca ...

Chicago Tribune

ADHD may be a type of sleep disorder
Chicago Tribune
That provocative and controversial theory has been gaining momentum in recent years, with several studies suggesting strong links between ADHD and the length, timing and quality of sleep. In an era in which even toddlers know the words Netflix and Hulu ...

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It's Not Just Hot Flashes. Menopause Can Disrupt Your Sleep
These hormonal fluctuations can negatively impact a woman's mood and her body temperature regulation, which can in turn affect her duration and quality of sleep. “I did studies a while ago, where we looked at what women said about their sleep at ...

Sleep apnea faulted in 2 train crashes
The engineers of two commuter trains that slammed into New York City-area stations in the last year, killing one person and injuring more than 200 others, were suffering from undiagnosed sleep apnea and have no memory of the crashes, according to ...
NTSB: Engineers in NYC-area train crashes had sleep apnea10TV
Engineers in Two Train Accidents Had Undiagnosed Sleep DisordersWall Street Journal (subscription)
NTSB: Sleep apnea, speed cited in NYC-area train crashesNorthwest Herald

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Scientific American

US Safety Board Says Train-Crash Engineers Had Undiagnosed Sleep Disorders
Scientific American
The safety board has raised the issue before. In 2014, it said the driver of a train that derailed in New York City, killing four passengers, had an undiagnosed sleep disorder at the time of the 2013 accident. (Reporting by David Shepardson; Editing by ...
Engineers in train crashes had sleep apnea: probeNew York Post
Engineers In NYC-Area Train Crashes Had Undiagnosed Sleep ...Jalopnik
NJ Transit didn't screen engineer for sleep apnea before Hoboken crash, records
Reuters -amNY -The Hill
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The Guardian

Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker review – how more sleep can save your life
The Guardian
Awake at 4.30am the other morning, having been roused from sleep by my four-year-old son climbing into bed with my wife and me (a more or less nightly occurrence), I found myself sitting up and reading about the effects of insufficient sleep. It has ...

Miss Manners: Plead sleep deprivation to ward off morning visits
Washington Post
Dear Miss Manners: I have a friend who shows up every morning with her two toddlers, whether I asked her to or not. She doesn't understand that I don't have children and am a little slower to wake up in the mornings. I think it's rude that just because ...

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