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Daily Mail

Isla Bonita launches diet avocados in Spain | Daily Mail Online
Daily Mail
Spanish company Isla Bonita have launched avocados with 70 per cent of the fat of normal varieties - and they're said to be juicier. However they're only ...
Avocado Light contains 30% less fatFreshPlaza
Eurobanan unveils low fat avocadoFruitnet
Somebody Invented Diet AvocadosGrub Street

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Sleep BETTER Diet: The Eating Habits of Hightly Rested People
In one study, researchers tracked diet and sleep for a group of healthy adults over the course of five nights and found that indeed, food choices during the day did affect sleep. The researchers chose what the study participants ate for the first four ...

CBS News

Diet soda makers sued over "misleading" ads
CBS News
Drinking diet soda is a way to help you lose weight, right? Not according to several federal lawsuits. Separate cases against Coca-Cola (KO), PepsiCo (PEP) and Dr Pepper Snapple Group (DPS) -- the three largest US makers of carbonated beverages ...
These diet sodas are actually making people fat: suitNew York Post
Are diet sodas helping or hindering weight management efforts? Coca-Cola blasts 'meritless'
Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Dr Pepper Snapple Group sued for deceptionABC15 Arizona

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Washington Examiner

Cutting SALT From the Federal Tax Diet
IRS image Larryhw/DreamstimeIn the quest for a better tax code, it shouldn't be difficult to agree that a tax deduction that mostly benefits rich people and subsidizes high-tax state and local governments must go. That's what the state and local tax ...
Cut SALT from the GOP tax reform dietWashington Examiner

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Reader's Digest

Yes, Diet Avocados Are a Thing—and They're Driving Dietitians Crazy
Reader's Digest
avocados via brookstropicals.comAs avid alligator pear enthusiasts, we were shocked to discover that “diet avocados” exist. (How could you make something “diet” or “light” if it's already perfect the way it is?) Apparently, the concept of “diet ...


Oakland health watchdog finds lead in Infowars diet supplements
Alex Jones, conspiracy theory and dietary supplement monger, has been accused of being a snake oil salesman. But two of the elixirs he pushes in his Infowars online shop appear to be significantly more dangerous than reptile grease. According to the ...

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GQ Magazine

The Real-Life Diet of Dwight Howard, the NBA All-Star Who Allegedly Ate 24 Candy Bars a Day
GQ Magazine
I realized that that wasn't really going to help me in the long run, though, and that I had to learn about the right type of diet—the foods that give you more energy. But it takes awhile. I think kids now have an advantage because they learn ...

Why Kristen Bell stopped vegan diet to go vegetarian -
Kristen Bell may no longer be a strict vegan but she still supports the lifestyle. The "Bad Moms" star recently spoke to TODAY from the set of her upcoming Netflix ...

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Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic (blog)

Can a High-Fat Diet Help You Live Longer? Study Finds Link
Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic (blog)
In addition to the finding related to high fat, the study also found a link between a high carbohydrate diet and an increased risk of mortality. “In the United States, consumption of carbohydrates is significantly lower than other parts of the world ...

How To Get All The Benefits Of Fasting—Without Actually Having To Do It
I have been using a form of periodic fasting called a fasting mimicking diet (FMD) in my clinic with my patients. This diet is the evolution of decades of pioneering work on longevity by Dr. Valter Longo and his team at the University of South California.

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